We give to God because all we have is from God, and we are merely stewards, or caretakers of what God has given us. What we give is the lifeblood of the ministry we do as a church. Thank you for supporting the ministry we do in Christ’s name at River Road United Methodist Church. You can contribute in several ways:

Give in person

Come to worship and place your gift in the offering plate, or the bowl at the 9:30 service.


Automated Giving

You can set up a one time payment or recurring payments through your bank’s bill paying service.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Online giving

There are two things we want to make sure you know before making your donation online.

  • The church will cover the credit card transaction fee and Network for Good processing expenses.
  • We also prefer that you use a debit card rather than a credit card, as our church does not encourage you to go into debt to make your gift.
  • Below is a digital packet that explains what electronic giving is, why it’s a good option, and some frequently asked questions.

online giving





Perpetual Giving

Make a significant contribution to our church’s endowment. We currently have funds that support children and youth ministry, ministry with those in need, and the maintenance of our facilities. You can designate your own cause. For more information, call the church office and speak to the pastor. We have an endowment committee to handle such gifts. Some examples of perpetual gifts are:

  • A one time gift of cash or stock
  • Naming the church as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, IRA, trust, or an estate
  • Setting up a charitable annuity or charitable remainder trust