We believe that glorifying God through worship is one of the essential elements of a Christian life. River Road offers a variety of worship experiences to help you best give thanks for God’s presence in your life.


This service is held in our chapel and is an intimate gathering of about 35-50 people. This service includes Holy Communion every Sunday and Darcey Johnson is the primary preacher for this service. If you prefer a more simple service this may be for you.


Our contemporary worship service is held in the Fellowship Hall where we have chairs, not pews, and casual attire is the norm. Darcey Johnson is the primary preacher for this time in which the Praise Band guides the worship with a more modern feel. This service also incorporates multimedia elements and we offer Holy Communion the first Sunday of each month. Grab a cup of coffee in the Welcome Center and join us for worship!


This worship in the sanctuary draws on classical features of Christian worship. We sing from the hymnal and use a bulletin as a worship guide. The music is wonderful and the style is varied including classical, gospel, traditional hymns, and some more recent selections. Darcey Johnson is the primary preacher for this service, which incorporates traditional prayers, creeds and hymns into a time of challenge, reflection, and praise. Holy Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month. If you are searching for a traditional and relevant worship experience, join us for 11!

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Thursday Prayer and Praise Service


Do you feel the need for a worship tune up or a biblical refuel during the week? Come and join us for the Prayer and Praise worship, which includes an inspiring message, prayers for healing, Holy Communion, and songs for the soul. Folks from all different churches and denominations come together for this mid week touchstone time with God.