Here at River Road, almost half of our worshipping congregation belongs to a small group. Small group participation is a priority because it is the most effective venue for growing in your faith and it empowers the church to live out its mission of loving and serving God and neighbor. Small groups within the church are the primary place where you can connect with God and also with one another.

By participating in a small group, you can study and discuss God’s Word hands-on in an intimate setting, enabling you to dig deep into your own understanding and share your faith with others. We hope that you will join a group and jump on board the exciting journey of living a life intentionally with God!

A New Playlist: Hearing Jesus in a Noisy World via Zoom

Discover how to cut through the distractions of life to hear God more clearly. You’ll learn that saying “no” to the demands of the world is often the best “yes.” This 6 week series begins Tuesday, Sept. 15 from 7pm to 8pm via Zoom. To sign up, click here. Questions? Contact Ed Kross, Congregational Life Minister, at

Sermon on the Mount: A Beginner’s Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven via Zoom

To borrow a phrase from Dallas Willard, “The Kingdom of God is so good I don’t want to wait until after death to get there – I want to live there now.” This study explores Jesus’ core teaching on discipleship found in Matthew 5-7, guiding us in faithful living amidst these challenging times. This 6 week series begins Sunday, Sept. 13 and will be from 4pm-5pm. To sign up, click here. Questions? Contact Ed Kross, Congregational Life Minister, at

Zoom in for Prayer: Wednesdays at 11am

In the middle of the week, we gather to share our joys and needs as we seek God together in prayer. Contact Ed Kross, Congregational Life Minister, for more information at

Prayer and Praise: Thursdays at 10am via Zoom

This worship gathering focuses on building community and healing prayer. This is an ecumenical gathering with over eight different churches represented. We meet currently via zoom for an hour long time of community in prayer. For more information contact Pastor Darcey at

Choir: Thursdays at 7:15pm-8pm

Music helps us find communion with God and community with each other. Choir will alternate meeting via Zoom and in person, with face coverings and social distance required. For more information, contact Joy Weaver, Director of Traditional Music, at

Contemporary Christian Sunday School Class at 11am via Zoom

Grow in wisdom and love as we engage in a variety of studies, have in-depth conversations about Scripture and the world around us, and support each other in discipleship and in life. For more information, contact Randy Reaves at 

River Road Book Club: 4th Monday of the Month at 7pm via Zoom

Books have a way of bringing is together, with the story of the book connecting with our own stories. This is a great opportunity to understand our stories better as we connect with the stories of others. For more information, contact Ann York at

Women’s Prayer Breakfast: 2nd Thursday of the Month at 8:30am via Zoom

A bring your own breakfast group for the time being, enjoy gathering for friendship, encouragement, and prayer. For more information, contact Charlotte Allred at